To my Hodor

You came into our lives on a cloudy afternoon in the midst of July. When I got to hold you for the first time, I felt this oozing sense of comfort and right then and there I knew you would bring this family joy for the years to come. Your daily mischiefs would consist of […]

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After years of struggles; sleepless nights, brain-wrecking quizzes, unappreciative groupmates, the daily commute and the constant evaluation if what I’m doing is the right thing, FINALLY, I’M A DEGREE HOLDER! Being an achiever from my elementary and high school days, I always had this sense of pressure from my family and peers to always excel […]

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“What are you afraid of?”

  If there is one thing she’s afraid of, it’s the high pitch chirp that accompanies silence. It’s that lingering whistle right after bomb explosions in movies. The depiction of how numbing it is for people to leave, cause pain and for the world to be perfectly still afterwards; no flashing lights, no clashing of […]

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September 01, 2017

When I touch a pen, I scar When I brush my skin against paper, I bruise When I desperately try to write, I bleed My ears pop and I peel From the tips of my fingers to every part of my being It hurts. So no, I hardly write. Not at all, not anymore.

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“Keep going, self.”

Know that sadness and depression is a legitimate emotion. It comes with the acceptance that the world has a tendency to slit and spill your guts over hazy flashbacks of who you once were. Do not fret over the fact that besides the fun you had all day as a kid, your diary entries were […]

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Thoughts on the way home

All these random honks from buses and jeepneys always keeps me awake, even if my body feels an inch from blacking out. I get home tired everyday at 11 pm to be exact,tired from school and  from travelling an hour and a half to and fro. I want to rest but all these noises can’t […]

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  Wake up. Prepare myself for the day. Ride public transpo to school. (*cue The Walking Dead type of sht with countless commuters ala zombie apocalypse mode) Study/Stress out/ Die. Get home. Sleep.  These days, I’ve been waking up with the sore feeling of boredom, familiarity, heaviness and regret and I’m a hair away from breaking down. […]

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I was a victim of bullying

So I bumped across this article online featuring a video on an episode of a famous TV show called “What would you do?”. It was about how people reacted to a kid being bullied in an ice cream shop. After watching it, I just happened to remember some unfortunate memories I never want to look […]

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