To my Hodor

You came into our lives on a cloudy afternoon in the midst of July. When I got to hold you for the first time, I felt this oozing sense of comfort and right then and there I knew you would bring this family joy for the years to come.

Your daily mischiefs would consist of running around the house, breaking furnitures and biting all the slippers I ever owned then acting like you have no idea how they snapped minutes after. You sit on the living room couch as if you’re waiting for us to turn the TV on for you like the slaves we are, right? You wait up front and poke your head through our window bars as if to guilt trip us whenever we had to go somewhere. You enjoyed every single day of your reign (haha)

However, when Thor, Hermione and Loki came, you understood you are now a big brother. You grew to become the most selfless big brother I know. You always always gave way, be it over food or playtime and I witnessed you mature over the months that came by.

On May 30, a motorcycle ended your life. All I can recall is the pain in everybody’s eyes; especially Nanay; Your Nanay. I remember repeating to myself “this is not happening. this is not happening. this is not happening.” Everything went in a blur and Lotus’ cuddles got me through the whole thing. It was a tough time for everybody and I still accidentally put dogfood on your plate as a habit for the next few days.

If there is one thing though that I’m grateful for despite what happened, it’s the fact that we still got to spend the summer together.

When I was busy with school, I seldom took you guys to walks or play with your favorite toys. But this time, God gave us this whole summer and I can say I got to spend a lifetime with you for the past 2 months. We went to walks as much as we could, we bingewatched Marvel movies as much as we could, we got hungry over several Masterchef seasons as much as we could, we cuddled as much as we could and we played around as much as we could.

I’m happy and proud to say we made your short stay wonderful. I know you couldn’t have asked for much better.

Thank you for everything, Hodor. ❄️

I will “Hold the Door” open for you.

I know you’ll always find your way back to us. 🐶❣️


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