Thoughts on the way home

All these random honks from buses and jeepneys always keeps me awake, even if my body feels an inch from blacking out. I get home tired everyday at 11 pm to be exact,tired from school and  from travelling an hour and a half to and fro. I want to rest but all these noises can’t […]

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2 AM thoughts

Darkness. The coolness of the wind enveloping me. The deafening silence. Numbness. Blank.   As I stare at the ceiling through the hazy orange lamp post lights from the outside, there’s this same burning sensation in the chest yet hollowness in the stomach that I feel. It’s always the same every single night. It’s as […]

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Thoughts of a Pluviophile

It’s pouring, AGAIN. And this all so familiar feeling of comfort and serenity makes me wanna stop time and indulge in every moment: the feel of the dainty raindrops on my slightly open window, trying to make its way to my skin and the breeze of the air, perfectly enveloping me with its refreshing coldness-in […]

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