8 things on my mind a lot lately

  1. Coffee. I just had some but it’s always the same every night. After indulging in a big cup, I have these constant debates whether I should go downstairs and stir myself another one or hit the sack. I always go with the first one- obviously.


  2. Starting a new series. It’s just so sad I don’t have the luxury of time to binge-watch addictive stuff right now. It’s tough being a student, I tell you! Especially in the midst of Finals. (may the odds be ever in my favor)

  3. Buying a polaroid camera. But dear wallet won’t cooperate especially because it’s almost summer (crap. bye allowance!)

  4. How not to procrastinate. I need help, I’m drowned with schoolworks yet I’m blogging (HA!)

  5. Writing a new song. Actually worked on one a few weeks ago. Here’s to hoping I can actually finish it.

  6. Buying “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” Book 2- Hollow City. This book’s got me going nuts! ❤

  7. Auditioning for a national competition and yes- I mean local TV shows like The Voice or something. After countless uglycries whenever I watch emotional auditions on youtube, I figured I want to try it myself. Try being a part of something big and something I can look back upon and probably get ashamed of but hey, “you only live once”, right? HAHAHA I can’t believe I just quoted that x)

  8. How to actually get my body clock right. I mean, seriously! I literally can’t remember the last time I went to sleep and my watch says pm on it. -_-